Posted by Ed Murphy, reporting on Oct 09, 2018
Chip in $1,000.00 of Burlington Rotary's Foundation money-- nice.  Add $1,000.00 each from our fellow Clubs in Burlington, South Burlington, and other Rotary's in our Mini-District--Well, that's great! But when our good friends at the South Burlington Rotary Club get this matched with a District Grant...
                 NOW THAT'S $9,000.00+ OF IMPACT.
Members of our Club, and others, will join together at the South Burlington Club Thursday, November 1 at 7:30 AM for the presentation.
We're keeping our new "Y" in downtown Burlington!

With our (and your) support, a new 52,000 square foot building will transform the Y and create a revitalized community partner poised to offer the facility and programs that our community needs and deserves, including:

  • Modern, bright, inviting fitness, group exercise, and aquatics facilities.

  • 50 additional infant and toddler child care slots in a secure, modern space designed for early learning.

  • Fully ADA compliant space with an elevator and universally accessible design.

  • Energy efficiency that benefits the environment and the bottom line.

  • Common ground for people from all across the community.

  • The opportunity to increase programming that supports an aging population.

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