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Club Member Classification Talks Dec 12, 2023
Club Member Classification Talks
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Sam Roach-Gerber Jan 09, 2024
VCET (Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies)
VCET (Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies)

The nonprofit Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) opened in 2003 to support technology-enabled startups across Vermont. We believe to our core that entrepreneurs can change the future by creating next generation jobs, bringing new approaches to pressing problems, and channeling their creativity, intellect, and passion into impactful business solutions.


But a good idea does not make a good business. That’s where we come in. We are relentlessly focused on supporting entrepreneurs so they can start, scale, and succeed in Vermont through:

  • No cost 1:1 advising for any entrepreneur, regardless of stage or industry
  • Access to capital through our venture funds and syndicate partners
  • Accelerator + coworking in downtown Burlington
  • A robust platform of events, content, and connection
Alex Demoly Jan 23, 2024
Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC)
Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC)

The Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC) is the certified non-profit economic development corporation serving Chittenden County. Since 1954, GBIC has been committed to attracting, retaining, and expanding environmentally sensitive high-paying jobs in Chittenden County, enabling present and future generations of Vermonters to live, learn, work, and play in the Champlain Valley.

GBIC’s Economic Development Specialist Alex Demoly is a recent alumnus of Middlebury College, from which he graduated summa cum laude in 2022 with a double major in mathematics and political science. Prior to joining GBIC, Alex worked as a government affairs intern for Downs Rachlin Martin during the 2021-2022 session of the Vermont Legislature. He also has experience working for government agencies in his hometown of Albany, New York and on political campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels. Alex is a 2018 graduate of The Albany Academy, where he was valedictorian.

Mike Smith - Interim President Vermont State Univ Feb 13, 2024
The state of the Vermont State University system
The state of the Vermont State University system

Mike Smith - Interim President

Interim President Mike Smith comes to Vermont State University after a long career in public service, most recently as Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Human Services where he was a key leader in the state’s nationally recognized COVID-19 pandemic response. Smith also served Vermont as Secretary of Administration, Deputy State Treasurer, and as a member of the general assembly. Smith served the United States admirably as a member of SEAL Team Two and has held various roles in the private sector.

Club Member Classification Talks Feb 27, 2024
Diana Wood
Dr Grace Johnstone - Managing Dir Hyperbaric VT Mar 12, 2024
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  "HBOT" is a small non-profit with a mission to deliver affordable HBOT to the Vermont community through our treatment center in South Burlington and our 6 affiliates across the state. If you’re not familiar with HBOT, it involves breathing oxygen while enclosed in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber. HBOT has been well-researched and widely used around the world for decades to treat over 100 chronic and acute health conditions, many of which – like Lyme and Long COVID – are on the rise in Vermont.  HBOT has been used by the military since the 1940s to treat decompression sickness in divers and it’s been used to help luminaries such as Jay Leno, whose face was burned in a gasoline far, and Joe Namath, who overcame serious Traumatic Brain Injury from numerous concussions while he was in the NFL. More recently, actor Jeremy Renner has been using HBOT to heal from getting run over by a giant snow plow last January. Unfortunately, the FDA has only approved HBOT for 14 conditions, which means that while it’s widely used to treat everything from MS to non-healing diabetic wounds, most of the time it’s not covered by insurance, and in Vermont can run up to $400/session. Hyperbaric Vermont is a non-profit precisely to address that problem. We keep our treatment costs as low as possible, and fundraise to make up the difference. While we have numerous success stories to share, HBOT still isn’t that widely known. So we’re reaching out to various community groups who might be interested in having our founder, Hardwick chiropractor Dr. Grace Johnstone, come do a presentation about her experience being healed by and working with HBOT. Dr. Johnstone would love to come speak to the Burlington Rotary, and I’d love to schedule her for a presentation at your convenience. 

Taylor Moulton Mar 26, 2024
Secure Surgical Solutions

Secure Surgical Solutions (SSS) provides a portable filtration technology that is capable of filtering any source of water to produce sterile medical fluids and purified water. Running entirely on solar power, it minimizes emissions, cuts down overall expenses, and eliminates the need for reliant energy sources. Secure Surgical Solutions is a safer, more efficient, and sustainable way for consumers to receive on-demand medical fluids and safe drinking water. 


Josh Costa - Founder Apr 09, 2024
Sleep Well Recycling

Sleep Well Recycling recycles mattresses and boxsprings, converting the bulky items into raw recyclable materials.

Sleep Well Recycling diverts and recycles from the landfill the volume created by mattresses and boxsprings. We reduce landfill waste by converting these bulky items into recyclable materials, creating more space for items that are less recyclable, such as household trash.

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