Speaker Date Topic
Dr Jon Andrus Oct 13, 2020
Vaccination programs within Center for Disease Control

Dr Jon Andrus has agreed to talk with us regarding the World Health Organization and CDC (Center for Disease Control) where he has been employed as a vaccinologist for 22 years. His recent responsibility has been southern Asia where he has directed vaccination programs for CDC.  He is very aware of Rotary's efforts to eradicate on Polio.  We are not as close to the finish line as most people believe.  Inoculations occasionally stimulate the resurgence of a virulent strain of the virus. 

City Councilors J Shannon and C Mason Oct 27, 2020
The Burlington City Council has many responsibilities and challenges ahead

We are fortunate to have two city councilors attend and present some of the challenges facing the city of Burlington

Kyle Dodson Nov 10, 2020
“Anti-racism movement in VT”

Kyle Dodson, CEO/President of the Greater Burlington YMCA will speak to us about the current BLM movement from a Vermont perspective and what it means to us in VT.

Blain Newton Nov 24, 2020
BETA Technologies

Beta Technologies is a team of relentlessly focused, hands-on engineers who are designing, reworking and testing a unique electric aircraft. Our passion for flight and strict adhesion to simplicity drives our progress each day as we strive to be part of the solution to environmentally sustainable flight in the future.

Teri Kingeter Dec 08, 2020
Baltimore, MD - homelessness

Teri will be presenting an overview of the programs and services in Baltimore County, and how they built our continuum of care.

TBD Dec 22, 2020