Posted by Ed Murphy Reporting on Nov 27, 2018
Ben Bosley - of Pinnacle Resolutions (Mediation in the work place)
Ben, in his disarmingly mellow sweater, was our guest to present his business. Which along with his introduction brought the news that he is affiliated with Mediators Beyond Boarders (MBBI). They have partnered with Rotary International connecting Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotarians, like us and perhaps our new Rotaractors in establishing mentoring , dispute resolution and the promotion of peace. OK, so now our ears perked up!
His BIZ:
With an emphasis of working with companies to engage in the practice of designing and implementing dispute management systems to help overcome conflict and improve working relationships. Many managers assume conflict is wrong or bad and they either ignore it, prohibit it or worse they punish it. The consequences of such policies are protracted disputes, lack of productivity, low morale, loss of talent, loss of customers, and sometimes even complaints with the authorities. The message to share is that conflict is a signal to be appreciated because it is evidence of a need for change for growth. To attract, retain and keep the brightest employees, managers must lead by accepting that conflict is a real opportunity that needs to be addressed for the benefit of the company. Employee's self-esteem needs for trust and of self-determination is part of that. And some managers need training to get the skills required to learn how to become leaders serving their team, and to effectively maximize the potential of the employees.
Rotary and MBBI:
With today's presentation, The Club plans to consider pursuing the resources of Pinnacle for a joint benefit. Thanks, Ben.