Today’s speaker team was comprised of Brian Boardman and Dr. Frank Ittleman. They provided us some insight in the upgrades that the UVM medical center plans to start making this year. In summary, we have a cutting edge hospital that must contend with the challenge of housing itself in a 50’s era facility. To allow the great people of UVM medical center to provide the service they are capable of a new building is a must. One of the most important aspects of the upgrade will be individual patient rooms that will allow for families to visit in comfort and allow the UVM staff to preform procedures right in the room as they are in many other hospitals. Brian and Frank both shared stories of their immense connection to the hospital and how they motivated them to successfully get the project to this point. Over the course of the last six months Brian has raised $10 million to get the project started. This huge effort on many peoples part will surely affect each and every one of us at some point
We were also visited by Don Sinex. He gave us an update on the Mall and encouraged everyone to attend an upcoming city council meeting where they will be discussing the future of the project. 
Michael Tsang informed us of the signature dance show Shen Yun Performing Arts on Chinese dance and Chinese culture that will be at the Flynn on May 7. He presented to us about their organization last year and returned to invite us all to the next show.
Kesh Ram visited as well to tell us about her campaign to become Lt. Gov of VT