Posted on Jan 22, 2019
Representing the VERMONT(SSN 792) Commissioning Committee,
we welcome Chairperson Debra Martin, and husband Steve Martin (below)
who have brought their enthusiastic update on this key asset to be added to
our national defense sometime soon in early 2020!
With a massive nationwide support group of friends, families, active and veteran service members, the realization of America's most sophisticated submarine system is almost here.
Also -- here already visiting her namesake state -- are a few of the actual crew members slated to serve in her for the maiden tour of duty.
Visit not only to be WOWED, but also to get more info on the efforts of many, many more people getting everything ready for its commissioning, and its possible 30-50 year "silent-service" to America. 
(You can also visit our Club to find out more with Burlington Rotarians Jack Lindley and Dan Feeney, who are also members of the Committee!)