HUGE thanks to Sandy and Margy in bringing Abraham Awolich to our meeting. This has to be hands down one of the  most amazing people we have had grace us during lunch. Abraham came to Burlington as a refugee from Sudan in 2001  and took it upon himself to make the absolute most out of  his situation. He moved through CCV, UVM and Syracuse  finally obtaining his master in public admin. Not content  with just making a comfortable life for only himself he  traveled back to South Sudan (the newest country in the world) and has dedicated his life to ensuring that future  generations of South Sudanese citizens can have a safe and  prosperous life in their home country. It was an absolute  pleasure to be in the presence of a man as talented and  motivated as Abraham. I hope that we can come up with a way  to support his efforts and maintain a close relationship  with him. Truly a remarkable human and the embodiment of  Rotary ideals.