Posted by Ed Murphy on Oct 09, 2018
After introduction by President Joe Gaida (r), Burlington Rotarian Springer Harris (Teucrium Trading, LLC) presented a targeted appeal to review the current state of Burlington's Downtown Business District, and to consider the options for change, including the return of more control of incremental funding -- and decision-making -- to the actual businesses operating in the District.
Has so much control passed to City government that its businesses haven't gotten their money's worth? Can more say in the spending improve what the downtown looks like? Many say - YES!
The Future of our Downtown - A Community Conversation 

Springer has invited us to join the Burlington Business Association (BBA) on October 16, at 7:00 p.m., at First Congregational Church of Burlington (2nd floor), South Winooski Avenue, for a presentation and discussion with Brad Segal of Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA). This informative event will highlight the future of Burlington's Downtown Improvement District and how our community can create a thriving and competitive downtown for decades to come.
In collaboration with the City of Burlington, the BBA has contracted with PUMA to examine the current structure of Burlington's Downtown and suggest a plan for its future management and oversight. The PUMA team has evaluated how downtown is managed. They have prepared a report which includes recommendations meant to create a better downtown experience for all.
PUMA founder and president, Brad Segal has extensive experience in downtown management and community development as both a practitioner and consultant. A self-proclaimed "urban therapist," Brad is one of the nation's leading authorities on downtown trends and issues, reinventing downtown management organizations and forming business improvement districts to finance them, and pioneering efforts to create healthy communities.
For more information, please contact the Burlington Business Association (BBA) at 802-863-1175 or the City of Burlington/Community & Economic Development Office at 802-865-7144.
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