On ( 04.04.16 ) we kicked off Pure Water for the World Month. Over the course of April we will collect cash donations for water and other beverages. We do this to remind the club how easy it is for us as Americans to obtain safe, cheap and abundant clean water. However, we know this is not the reality that much of the world's population finds itself living in. 
In addition to the Mount's we will be joined by some members of VT's Pure Water for the World including one of our own. Hanna Fisher, Dave’s Daughter, will give us a short presentation on the benefits our collection during the month of April provide. 
Dave and Fran Mount joined us along with Linda Gilbert of the Charlotte-Shelburne club who along with her husband run the Hands to Honduras- Tela program that we have been collaborating with since 2008. Dave and Fran have traveled every year but once since 2008 and it sounds like at least 6 other Rotarians and their children have been down at one point or another. Mandi and I have continued to discuss wanting to go down. While in Honduras the volunteers work on infrastructure needs of the Tela community including hospitals, schools, and bathrooms. But they do more than that. They run dental clinics and Fran leads a scholarship fund to help students travel to the high school so that they may get an education past the 6th grade.

The work that they are able to do on our behalf as a result of our clubs financial contributions are astounding. I agree with the group that we need to create a way of getting this wonderful message out to the public including to groups such as the young professional’s club whom have already shown interest in participating in this type of service. If this is something you can do for us please let me know and I can tell you have we have done to date.
Please visit Hands to Honduras website and spend some time learning about what we have accomplished down there. It’s fantastic. Pictures are great too.