We had a wonderful but lightly attended meeting yesterday. Our speaker was Corporal Krystal Wrinn from the BTV police force. She is a seven year member of the force and was recently selected from the chief and the mayor to fill a new role solely focused on preventing domestic violence. We learned that there are more than 2,000 call to the BTV police station to report domestic violence and even at that level it remains one of the most underreported crimes in the city. Domestic violence calls are also the most dangerous for a responding officer. Statistics show they are the most deadly call for US officers. Corporal Wrinn is dedicating her life to reducing domestic violence in our city and is committed to taking her role even further to expand to the county and potentially the state.
As a follow up to her visit I would like to remind the club that we will have our Police Recognition Lunch on Monday May 23rd. I would like to have a good showing of Rotarians at this meeting. Leo has put in a significant amount of work in revitalizing our partnership with the Queen City Police Foundation. We want to remain committed partners with them in this event. As a result of our conversations we are going to be more prominently featured in the materials of the event and will have a larger role in the event itself. We are coordinating with the police to ensure that there are officers, Rotarians and community members at every table. I am likely going to participate in a “Ride – A – Long “ experience with and officer and use it as my introduction to the event. We are also going to present a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow to a community member who makes significant impact in helping the police and reducing crime. That name will be released soon