Feb 14, 2023
Brett Johnson - SimpleRoute
Technology and how important safeguarding your data is to the survival of your company

simpleroute® was founded in 2009 by Brett Johnson. With over 13 years of networking, web and programming experience at the time, it was certainly a logical progression. However, it wasn’t his motivation in forming the company.

In his previous position, Brett spent a lot of time performing accounting software upgrades for local area clients who subscribed to IT services with other local IT companies. He was appalled by clients’ lack of IT support. There was often a clear disconnect between what IT professionals said and did and what management understood. Clients were unprepared for disasters and accepted serious issues like daily backup failures or non recoverable data on backups without a second thought. IT professionals were more worried about eroding profits from efficient solutions than saving clients’ money. The local businesses he came in contact with were amazing places with incredible unique visions, making the perceived disconnect all the harder to watch.

It is for this reason simpleroute® was created. Solutions strive for efficiency – as a rule, we never want our customers to repeat the same action twice. We push to evaluate client processes, solutions and budgets and present clients with options they can clearly understand. We understand the importance of technology to your business and the impact downtime has. Our services and solutions are based around you, our customer, to help provide the best overall experience possible.

Efficient IT solutions at all costs – IT’s that simple®.